Best Foods To Enhance Understanding, Learning, Mental Health

Food plays a pivotal role in enhancing your stamina and intelligence of the brain. It might sound strange but many types of research have proven that food has an important effect on focusing and cognitive skills. Apart from the effect on the brain, eating a healthy balanced diet has a mammoth impact on your overall physical health. Every healthy food adds some sort of nutrition to your body. I have prepared a list of food for you that will help you enhance your understanding, learning, fluid and crystallised intelligence and productivity.


Fish and salmon are rich with omega 3 fatty acid which helps to fight off with fatigue and memory loss chemicals produced by your body. Those people who don’t eat fish generally complain about poor performance and understanding. Oily fish is rich with active fats EPA and DHA which is essential for the brain. Lack of EPA and DHA leads to Alzheimer’s and Dementia. If you are vegan you can avail EPA and DHA from Flexi seeds, walnuts, and pumpkins.


If you are a great fan of something sweet and sour, then blueberries are the must-go option for you. Blueberries have been scientifically proven to enhance short term memory and decrease the chances of memory loss. Blueberries also reduce brain degenerative disorders, powering your brain with brain-protective antioxidants.


Whether you are looking forward to the best memory or want to pass your exam with flying colors, nuts are the perfect solution. Walnuts and almond are full of vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acid that protects your brain from age-related brain diseases. Moreover, they also sharpen your short term, long term memory, and productivity. Vitamin B6 in walnuts helps to enhance the brainpower of transmitting signals.


Green vegetables like spinach and broccoli contain iron that augments the function of transmitting oxygen to different body parts especially the brain. They are the powerful boosters that increase the brain declining cognitive function and strengthen the connection of different memory.


Olive oil has always been the top-notch recommendation of doctors. Olive oil is not only good for dieting but also encompass polyphenols that protect the brain from a plethora of diseases. Moreover, olive is oil is very beneficial for treating problems like dementia and depression.


Monounsaturated fat of avocado improves the blood flow in different parts of the brain. Avocado also reduces hypertension tendency by increasing cognitive abilities. Vitamin E in avocado is a power booster for the brain and it prevents the brain from aging and increases memory, attention, and recall. However, avocado is high in calories so it is preferable to consume it in small portions.


Turns out that caffeine isn’t bad at all. Caffeine present in coffee and tea act a stimulant for the brain and reduces the ability of procrastination.  According to the studies conducted in 2011, the caffeine present in coffee treats Alzheimer’s and prevent the person from brain aging. Tea drinkers generally perform best on the memory test than other people.

Food is a primary source of survival. It is very important to take care of your overall health. Apart from a healthy diet, exercise is very beneficial in increasing your overall stamina and cognitive abilities. Exercise decelerates the aging process of a person and improves overall retention power. It is preferable to eat smarter than to eat the bulk of the food.

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