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If you are an art lover and wants to select an artistic location for your wedding day then Hus Art Farm is the best spot to make your dream come true. It is a luxury and beautiful venue with the accommodation facility.

A huge supporter and a fan of arts, Mrs Hu, built this place for the international visual and performing artists. So that they can come here from all over the world, stay here and display their artwork in the gallery. While this gallery is not in the use and not hosting an art exhibition, she offers this building for the events and functions.


This beautiful and artistic farm is located at the 45 Croft Lane Riverhead, Auckland. It is situated in the rural site, 30 minutes away from the city of Auckland. It is in between of Coatesville, have breath-taking views, bar, a large gallery and huge ground and ponds.

Wedding place:

The Pond Paddock has a beautifully built dock of 6*6 meters. It is built on the water with a stunning arch that is decorated perfectly for the wedding theme and in the backdrop of this dock is a lovely forest. These elements make this place a perfect place for your wedding and for the photoshoot. In case of raining a stretch awning can be placed here so that you can continue with your function. The Gallery is another place which offers a huge platform to the wedding planners to decorate it according to the dream of the bride and groom because the colour of the whole room is white. Thus, they can use this place as a canvas and can decorate it easily. It has white sheer of full height around all 4 walls of the gallery, large doors that can be opened for a grand entrance, ceiling panels and lighting options.


The Hus Art Farm offers two car parking. The car park on the top is used only for the pick and drop off guests only while the other car park for all the vehicles is located in the bottom compound of the venue. You can park 45 cars easily over there. Car parking on the street is strictly banned so do not park your car on the street.


As the Hus Art Farm allows you to stay here one night, it has great accommodation. It has 6 big bedrooms on the first floor. One large fully equipped and modern kitchen, a dining and an open lounge situated between all the bedrooms are also part of the accommodation to make your stay more comfortable and memorable.


This unique and artistic venue offers you some services that are you can check in the day before of your wedding, can assist in the set up of your wedding function by giving ideas. You can get ready at the venue so that you can get ready free of tension about reaching the venue on time. Take photos on this majestic place with the natural astonishing landscape. Guests can also sit in a calm atmosphere in the lawn and can relax. Have dinner in the open space while enjoying the beauty of nature.

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