Leigh central wedding venue in Auckland

It is an ideal destination for arranging your wedding on your own according to your dreams. As we know everyone has some ideas, themes and dreams to conduct their wedding, Leigh Central gives you the platform to do each and everything according to your own wish.

Leigh Central gives you the place where you can arrange everything within your budget. If you want any kind of help, they help you in their capacity to make your event a unique and memorable one. Leigh Central has two delightful spaces for events. You can hire one or can hire both according to your need or requirement. It also provides you with the parking facility with 50 parking spots. So, you and your family and friends can park their vehicles easily.


The location of Leigh Central is very unique. It has magnificent beaches and coastal vista in the neighbourhood. It is also very near to the stylish Matakana and Goat Island Marine Reserve. It has a beautiful ocean or sea view and also has a country yard lounge with fountain and outdoor places like grandstand deck, lawn with sea view and a bar. These specialties make this place a perfect location to arrange a wedding.


The Leigh Central gives you the chance to take charge of your big day and do everything by yourself “DIY”. You can decorate the place according to your decided colour theme and according to your culture, customs or values and religion. Through this, you can do everything on your own within your budget and resources. You can bring on your own vendors for the catering, decoration and for other stuff.

Services provided by Leigh Central:

The Leigh Central provides you with the place and rest of the work you can do it at your own. But yes, if you are facing difficulty in hiring caters no need to worry. The Leigh Central will play the role of a bridge between you and caters; they have on their suggestion list. You can arrange the tables, chairs, cutlery, and crockery by yourself. But if you want to get it from the Leigh Central they will facilitate you by providing all this stuff. Above all, if you are not able to do the decoration or management by yourself, you can connect the management of the Leigh Central. They will take the information about your event, ask about your budget and requirements and will organize an event planner or wedding planner to do the work for you.


At the initial stage, only the place has been given to the customers. It is usually given for a whole day. And the price is taken from the customers is of the place only. But if you want to hire other things like cutlery, tables, chairs, Music system, and others, their price will be added in this.

Bottom Line:

The DIY policy and the stunning location make the Leigh Central a best wedding spot for you. It provides you assistance in case you needed. They first take the whole details from you, about your event and how you are going to utilize their place and after getting the satisfactory answer, they will give you the place to make your wedding the best day of your life and to make memories to cherish.

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