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The Miele KM 7164 FR hob seems to want to vibrate the cord of nostalgia by leaving sensitive areas or touch screens for knobs that are reminiscent of those of gas pianos.

Induction hobs are very often technological showcases for manufacturers. To further emphasize their innovative side, they do not hesitate to adorn sensitive area control panels (simple keys or sliders ) or even touch screens, as on the Siemens iQ700 EZ977KZY1E. However, it must be believed that the old interfaces have not said their last word since Miele has provided the KM 7164 FR with four rotary knobs, quite similar to those fitted to gas hobs or cooking pianos.

This is not the first time that a manufacturer has offered this type of interface. However, whether at Gaggenau (on the 200 Series CI262114 ) or at Samsung (on the Samsung NZ63J9770EK ), the famous knobs are magnetic and removable, in particular, to preserve the ease of cleaning of the glass surface. Except for the Smeg PI964N (also equipped with knurls which cannot be removed, which does not facilitate maintenance), the KM 7164 FR is therefore likely to have few competitors.

The Miele has no keys.  (credits: Miele)

The Miele has no keys. (credits: Miele)

Apart from this ergonomic feature, the KM 7164 FR is a very classic model with a maximum power of 7,300 watts and equipped with four fireplaces. As is very often the case, the two inductors on the left can be combined to form only a large cooking zone intended to accommodate large containers. However, you will have to juggle the knobs to take advantage of it, turning one of them to the left, and adapt the power with that placed just in front. In this regard, Miele remains faithful to its principles and the user only has nine power levels; this may be sufficient for daily use, but a demanding cook may be lacking in precision in setting the temperature.

If the KM 7164 FR benefits from four boosters (like the vast majority of induction hobs on the market), it does not, however, have a timer, although this functionality is generally one of the basic options.

The Miele KM 7164 FR induction hob is already available and it takes € 1,544 to get it.

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