The spacecraft is carrying a Russian humanoid robot dock to ISS.

The Moscow Space Office said an unmanned rocket, Russia's first humanoid robot,
was effectively traveled to the Global Space Station on Tuesday after a bombed
endeavor throughout the end of the week.
An authorized robot named Fedor duplicates human development and can enable
space travelers to work remotely.
The rocket is conveying a Russian humanoid robot dock to ISS.
"Affirmation of contact, affirmation of capture," a NASA onlooker reported, while an
announcement on the Russian space office Ruskosmos' site likewise said that the
Suzie MS-14 had been fruitful in the specialty dock.
On NASA television broadcasting the program, onlookers commended the vessel's
"faultless way to deal with the ISS."
"The subsequent time there was an attacker … the staff is from seven to seven," he
stated, alluding to six people as of now on board the space station.
The escort detonated on Thursday from a Russian space port in southern Kazakhstan
and Fedor will stay at the ISS until September 7, figuring out how to help space
travelers there.
"Walk, walk," the robot was heard saying during the dispatch, Space Yuri was
rehashing the primary individual expression utilized in Gagarin.
Soyuz boats are normally worked on such trips, yet this time no human was making a
trip to test another crisis salvage framework.
Rose Universe revealed that the MS14 contained 670 kilograms (100 stones) of dry
load containing "logical, therapeutic gear, life emotionally supportive network
segments, just as nourishment, drug and individual cleanliness holders for staff
individuals. Were incorporated. "
Bombed endeavor.
The dock's most noticeably terrible endeavor on Saturday had raised vulnerability
about the eventual fate of Russia's space program, which has as of late gotten a few

Last October, an American and a Russian takeover in the Suez rocket took off right
away. There was a crisis arrival before long. This was the principal disappointment
throughout the entire existence of Russian flights.
On Saturday, NASA said that Suez Specialty "neglected to arrive at its objective at the
NASA included that Russian flight controllers had revealed to ISS staff that an issue
had been recognized that forestalled programmed docking at the station and not the
Suzhou shuttle.
Fedora – A definitive Test Show Short for Item Exploration. ISS space travelers
physically worked wearing automated all encompassing suits and this is a reflection of
their development.
As per the Russian Space Office, robots, for example, Fedor will inevitably perform
perilous activities, for example, the Space Walk.
Fedor isn't the main robot to go into space. In 2011, NASA sent a humanoid robot 2
created with General Engines, proposed to work in comparable high-hazard
He was taken back to earth in 2018 in the wake of encountering specialized issues.
In 2013, Japan sent a little robot to the Kerobo with the ISS's first Japanese space
officer. Created with Toyota, it prevailing with regards to imparting – however just in
Since 1998, the Universal Space Station has circled Earth at velocities of around
28,000 kilometers for each hour (17,000 miles for each hour).

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