The surge of Instant Pot multicookers arrives in France to counter the Moulinex Cookeo

Last year, only a version of the Instant Pot was available on Today, six references are available in the online shop. Presentation of the plethoric range of the multicooker, which wants to compete with the Cookeo.

A real box in the United States, the Instant Pot multicooker is available in as many versions as there are keys on its control panel. Last year, only one version was available in France: the Duo 60, tested in the lab. Today, we find on no less than six references of this multicooker which comes directly to compete with the Moulinex Cookeo on its land. The issue is crucial for the Instant Pot, as Moulinex’s reputation in France is such that the Cookeo has sold more than two million copies.

To find its audience, Instant Pot therefore relies on the richness of its range: references with various characteristics meeting different needs and budgets. Here are some keys to understand the range.

This multicooker is a very versatile device capable of providing the services of a pressure cooker (pressure cooking on several levels), a slow cooker, a rice cooker, a steam cooker, a yogurt maker and a plate warmer. The capacities and the programs evolve from one reference to another.

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